I take responsibility for helping individuals think through their decisions.

Get out of the rut...

I know you know what you're doing isn't working. I also know you aren’t sure where to start - or you wouldn’t be here.

You've tried to make it work and figure it out yourself only to have that sinking feeling in your gut that something isn't right. 

Hello. I'm Mireille.

I am an individual who is driven to understand the needs of others and find specific solutions.

How do I do all of this, you ask? Well, I collect, evaluate and organize information, checking quality and accuracy. I apply a rational approach to decision making. Most importantly, I instill a sense of worth in others.

I think of novel ways to move things forward. Create a collaborative environment that inspires creativity.
I anticipate obstacles.

If you're still wondering if this is for you...

Without an HR Professional you may not think of all your options.

You could approach a situation in not the best way, increase your disengagement at work or even loss of income, etc.

No matter how you look at it, it could be a very costly decision.

Let's talk it over!


Does this sound like you?

"It's not me (or it is me), it's my boss, my co-workers, my company, or the processes/policies."

"I have to keep my position and I can't leave, so I guess I have to live with this."

"I do not have money to spend on myself to get help, I guess I have to live with this."

It's time to look at yourself, but it's hard to read the label inside the box. 

• Sort through clutter and find the best route.
• Play alternative scenarios - What if this happened? How about if this happens?
• Support change only when convinced by the facts that it will bring better results.
• I function as a “brake” for more impulsive types who want to act quickly.  

Let me take on the responsibility of thinking through the decisions so you can get back to doing what you love.

Just a few ways I'll help:

What’s the opportunity cost of staying where you are in your career?

My years of experience of working with different individuals, in various industries and helping them navigate their situations.

My desire to research current best practices (not pretending that years of experience means I’ve stopped learning or I am not willing to change/update what I know).

I'm logical and analytical - I readily spot obstacles and point out why something will or will not work.

I help air diverse views without putting anyone on the defensive.